free internet telkomsel + opmin 5

It has beeen a long time not to post about free internet trick. For a meanwhile i just want to dedicate you the new internet trick from Telkomsel again since I was headache how to phreak indosat bug because indosat is difficult to phreak.
Ok here is the trick free internet telkomsel and indosat:
downloAad the file prov first for telkomsel. If you already have it, you don’t need to download it.
Now download Opmin 5 final handler.jar in this opmin 5 No need to set just use default settings. for downloading just add front-query>”>
happy free browsing……
If the above describes my TELKOMSEL tricks with opmin 5, and many times I would describe TELKOMSEL trick with 4.2 opmin handler may glimpse this trick is not much different with the previous tricks, but the difference we will use the server opmin 5 opmin to server4.2,
Server >
socket server > socket://
front query >
host >
TELKOMSEL bug is not full free. after using about 250mb, you can change OR BUY with new sim card of telkomsel again to browse free”>happy free browsinG…!!!!!!

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